PHOTOS: Grizfolk • Max Frost @ Gramercy Theatre (NYC) 2/11/16

Last week Grizfolk played the Gramercy Theatre in New York City along with Max Frost, and LA-based photographer Mallory Turner was there to shoot it for us!

Find more of Mallory Turner's work on her website. 

PHOTOS: Surfer Blood • Cayucas @ The Teragram 1/8/16

words and photos by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Surfer Blood and Cayucas played to a packed Teragram Ballroom friday night, bringing their sun soaked vibes to Downtown LA. Local band Cayucas warmed up the crowd with their sunny, pool side jams. Surfer Blood blew my mind in the best ways possible, and had me high on happy adrenaline all the way home.

Here are some photos I took throughout the night:


PHOTOS: ARMORS • Dark Waves • Kid Cadaver @ The Constellation Room 1/2/16

photos and words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Last night ARMORS sold out the Constellation Room in Santa Ana for the release of their newest EP Collisions. It was packed to the brim, making it so difficult to groove but that definitely didn't stop their fans from dancing their way through and singing along to every lyric. Dark Waves and Kid Cadaver opened the night with killer sets, and DJ Grant Owens of We Found New Music spun some cool indie jams in between.

Here are some photos I took throughout the night:

PHOTOS: Little Wolves / ARMORS / New Beat Fund @ the Troubadour 8/20/15

words and photos by Shabnam Ferdowsi

New Beat Fund headlined their first show last week at the Troubadour and I was blown away. Their energy is infectious, their crowd is rambunctious, and they're sure to get your shoulders grooving. The venue was packed and the band did such a fantastic show amping the crowd; their music is just pure fun and good vibes.

Here are my favorite shots of Little Wolves, ARMORS and New Beat Fund. 

PHOTOS: Kid Cadaver EP release show w/ Coyote @ The satellite

words and photos by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Kid Cadaver recently released their latest EP, Roam, and to celebrate they played a show at The Satellite last night. It was hands down their best show yet: the house was packed, energy was high, the crowd was singing along to every lyric, and dancing to every riff. The vibes were spot on, and I can't rave about these guys enough! 

Here are some my favorite shots of Kid Cadaver and Coyote from last night::

PHOTOS: Echo Park Rising-Day 2

words and photos by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Day 2  of Echo Park Rising was fantastic. I ran into so many new and old friends, caught up with bands, handed out business cards and discovered new music. It was also really, really, really hot out there... but worth every drip of sweat.

Here are some photos I took of The Knitts, Winter, The Wild Reeds, Tambourines, Yoya and Paper Pilots

PHOTOS: Echo PArk Rising 2015 - Day 1

photos and words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Echo Park Rising is one of my favorite weekends of the year. Echo Park becomes one huge block party, where you can roam from venue to venue, discovering new local bands, catching old favorites, running into friends, and celebrating all that makes the local eastside scene. This year was my first time really caring about it as I'm starting to care so much more about the local scene. I took my camera and headed to the Park for the whole weekend and it was such a blast! It's  so much more about the music, and I loved every moment spent connecting with new artists, saying Hey to old friends, and hopefully making new ones.

My first night, I caught Bird Dog and SWIMM at the Echoplex. So much energy and charisma from both bands I felt like I was at a house party, hanging out with my best friends, with these cool dudes who are playing their quirky, raw music for us.

Here are my favorite photos from their sets:

PHOTOS: Jenny O / Kevin Morby/ Rodrigo Amarante @ the Teragram Ballroom 7/28/15

words and photos by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Tuesday night at the new Teragram Ballroom in Downtown LA was magical.

Jenny O, Kevin Morby and Rodrigo Amarante each made us fall in love with them, transporting us into whatever world it is they live in. I could picture myself in a dimly lit underground bar, probably in Greenwich Village, most likely in the 1960's, most likely drinking scotch and sitting around a small round table writing a piece of poetry together with a group of artists. I was  to Amarante's soft Portuguese lullabies, grooving to Morby's magnetic aura, and swaying to Jenny O's whimsical charm. I couldn't have asked for a better lineup.

PHOTOS: Statues of Cats / Kid Cadaver / WASI @ The Smell 5/22/15

photos and words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Last night WASI had their EP release show at The Smell in DTLA, presented by Odd Records, supported by Statues of Cats and Kid Cadaver, 

The Smell is a DIY, volunteer-run venue in the heart of DTLA. I'd been wanting to see the space for a while and this show was the perfect chance.

Statues of Cats opened up the show, warming up our eardrums with their loud energy and raw, no-frills performance. 

Kid Cadaver  went up next, and although I've seen them live countless of times by now, something about their performance blew me away. Maybe it's been a while since I've seen them play so I was reminded of their passionate yet humble stage presence. Individually killing their parts, vibing to their own jams, and together bringing the crowd to their level. I found myself dancing more than I normally do and shamelessly singing along to every word. Their new EP is in the works, and you better stay tuned! It's going to be groovy. 

WASI brought the crowd home, as expected since they were the stars of the show! I had met up with them beforehand for a cup of coffee (and french fries?) in Echo Park for an interview that will be up here soon, and by the end of the conversation they had me as hyped as they were. I was expecting a party and they definitely brought it. Halfway through they handed out balloons for people to blow up and pass around: talk about audience participation! That got the entire room wriggling and jumping in seconds. They ended their set with my favorite off their new EP, "And the World" and if you weren't  already dancing, chanting or at least moving your body remotely to the beat, you would've been by the time they finished.  Wonderful people with humble hearts making passionate music: WASI is sure to make waves. 

Listen to WASI's EP Bleed Pop here and check some photos I took below!

PHOTOS: Golden Coast/ Armors / Act As If @ The Bootleg 5/4/15

photos by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Last night was Golden Coast's first Monday night residency at the Bootleg HIFI this month. Act As If and Armors opened up the show, both bringing so much energy to the floor. 

Did I mention that ARMORS' had their lead singer playing the drums while standing? Never seen anything like that before, but they definitely pulled it off.  Their  set was percussion-heavy, groove-worthy  and passionate. Top that with Golden Coast's pop vibes that take you to the beach on a 90's summer's day and it could've easily turned into an all-nighter dance party.

Golden Coast has three more Mondays at the Bootleg, so make sure you check them out!


Golden Coast  on Facebook // Twitter

Act As If on Facebook // Twitter

ARMORS on Facebook // Twitter

PHOTOS: Armors/ The Bulls / Kid Cadaver/ Conway @ The Satellite 3/9/15

photos and words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Last night was CONWAY's second residency night at The Satellite. On the bill were ARMORS, The Bulls and Kid Cadaver.

It was a packed venue and I was grooving the entire night, not to mention the lighting was on point so I  was able to capture some cool moments:

PHOTOS: Kid Cadaver @ The Echo 2/4/15

words and photos by Shabnam Ferdowsi

I found Kid Cadaver's music around 3 weeks ago on a local blog, fell in love instantly with their sound and was more than ecstatic when I found out they were playing The Echo. 

Now The Echo has a really unfun/unfair/uncool way sometimes of having their sound be simply mediocre for their opener, or at least I've noticed this another couple times as well. Either they don't soundcheck long enough, either the sound guy is just warming up (doubtful?) or for some other reason I can't come up with. My point is, I wish someone else was running sound that night.

Regardless though, the 3 guys of Kid Cadaver each played such a fun show. They blew me away with their energy, and each seemed to be having their own dance party up there. They were each completely in their zones, vibing along to their own individual beats, having so much fun themselves that I wanted to get up there with them. 

So passionate, so fun, so hot. They definitely left us swooning. 


Facebook  // Twitter  // Website


PHOTOS: Maudlin Strangers / Coasts / Bad Suns @ El Rey 1/24/15

words and photos by Shabnam Ferdowsi

I've never seen the El Rey more packed than it was on Saturday night. The crowd was filled with, from what my ears could tell, 16 year old girls, understandably so since the stage was about to get filled with quite the attractive line-up. I spoke to a few of the audience members in the front row how long they were in line: 4 am! That's a real fanbase right there. 

It was overall a real fun show. I've been wanting to see Coasts for a year, and they didn't let me down. From their own grooves on stage, to their poprock hits that made us move on the floor, no to mention their heart-melting British accents,  it was exciting seeing them infuse their crowd with that energy.

This will be Bad Suns first headlining tour, and from their own hot performance I've no doubt they're going to make waves during the rest of the ride. They ended with their crowd favorite "Cardiac Arrest", naturally getting an encore applause.  

Check out the photos we took and catch them on the rest of their tour if you can!

PHOTOS: Popshop West 027 w/ Parade of Lights/Tove Styrke/Dark Waves/ Golden Coast

photos and words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Last Thursday 1/15/15 was Neon Gold Record's Popshop West show at The Echo in Echo Park, CA with Parade of Lights headlining the night. 

The entire night was filled with electric feels and synth-rock vibes. It was such a fun show and was definitely a dance party for a few seconds there. From Golden Coasts's cali-inspired electric grooves, to Dark Waves' sultry and magnetic pop-rock, to Tove Styrke's light and sway-able beats and finally ending with Parade of Lights synth-heavy, alt/rock anthems, it was one stellar line-up of upcoming artist you're going to want to keep you on your radar.

Take a listen to some of our favorite hits from the night and check out the photos!

PREVIEW: ECLIPSE- pr0files / MUNA / Natural Curves / 10PRINT @ House of Gods


What: ECLIPSE- pr0files / MUNA / Natural Curves / 10PRINT @ House of Gods

Where: House of Gods, Los Angeles, CA

When: 11/21/14- 9pm

When were you last immersed in an ocean of expression? Shh my child, it's alright - come submerge your senses on 11/21 as an incredible roster of artists transforms LA's House of Gods into your very own oasis of stimulation. From explosive musical acts to hypnotic visual projections to interactive art installations, we will supply enough creative adrenaline to run your right brain around the sun.

The night kicks off with MUNA, whose ego-eclipsing ‘more perfect’ EP (2014) sent critics to the ER with its heart-blowing lyricism; then Pr0files, the duo who’ve already tickled the internet's love muscles with their bold ‘Luxury’ EP and a steady string of singles - live music is rarely so alive.

It turns out speakers are people magnets, and San Francisco's own Natural Curves has enough force to suck you and all your friends into a DJ-induced dance-trance for an entire evening; that's exactly what will happen, btw. 

Meanwhile, VJ sensation 10PRINT has the right imagery in his arsenal to turn your brain inside out. Remember: it's not the drugs - you will be okay.

Come immerse yourself and remember this night like no other!

Natural Curves

TICKETS: // Doors open at 9 PM



*Reward yourself with an amazing evening via: (guest list only, 21+, pay with Paypal or credit card)
*Will keep your jeans skinny and your wallet fat
*Share 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑟 art - all attendees will have the opportunity leave pieces of themselves at House of Gods in a soulful orgy of creativity

*ECLIPSE is a DV8 Production*


LIVE REVIEW: Sir Sly, Wolf Gang and The Secret Someones @ El Rey 9/29/14

Photos and Words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

The Secret Someones are a Brooklyn based rock band that made me realize we need more girl-fronted rock bands!  They opened the night with some real, raw energy up there and were able to mesmerize even the audience who didn't know the lyrics (like yours truly).

Wolf Gang nailed it. The British band has a decent following at this point, and their live show was so fun and had the crowd dancing in minutes. Their vocals made you swoon and their grooves made you smile; they pleasantly surprised  us all. 

Finally, by the time Sir Sly went on, the El Rey was packed. You could smell the anticipation growing as we waited for the curtains to open. When they did, and the bassist played his first note, I honestly had to resist the urge to start jumping up and down from the photo pit. The synth/pop/rock that they produce is the perfect formula for the ultimate dance party, especially when it's played live like it was last night, and even more especially with that deep bass. 

The set design was phenomenal, playing on the same concepts of lights and dark that was also very prevalent in their most recent music video for "You Haunt Me". 

The show was everything from entertaining, to talented to just straight up fun. 

LIVE REVIEW: Soft Swells at The Echo 9/22/14

words and photos by : Shabnam Ferdowsi
IMG_2834 copy.jpg

LA-based Soft Swells played their last residency show at The Echo on Monday night 9/22. I'd personally never been to the venue for their renown free monday nights so I had no idea what to expect. 

I got there at 10pm sharp, and already the place was packed: friends hanging in the bar area, couples lounging near the dance floor and solo music-lovers who you could tell where frequent concert-goers. It was that Echo Park vibe that I love and we all know well. 

Soft Swells played what I decided was a dreamy, grooving rock show. I think the sound guys could have checked it better, because the drum levels were a little too overpowering for my taste, but for the live show it only added to the swaying, foot-tapping atmosphere. 

My favorites were obviously "Lifeboats" off their last EP and "Floodlights" off their new album out September 30th (and I say obviously because those are probably their most publicized tracks).

Their month-long tour starts today, so make sure to check them out if you can!


Facebook / Webstie

PREVIEW: New Music Empire Presents- First Fridays at Old Towne Pub

New Music Empire returns to Old Towne Pub to host their second night of killer rock n roll. The night will feature three bands all current students and alumni of USC's Popular Music Program, and all bringing an incredibly high energy with their rock music:


The Hammers

The Hammers are an 80's inspired rock band, bringing those raspy vocals and intense guitar shreds that you remember from those days when the Sunset Strip was still cool. They deliver an energy-filled, hot and sweaty performance using actual hammers as mic stands. It's all kinds of entertainment in one place. They recently released an EP Hammer City and will be releasing a music video for "Hammer City" off the EP on September 24th.


Dolly Spectra


Dolly Spectra is the project of Dani Ashjian. It's surrealist punk with a girl power edge. Their quirky live shows are brought to you by neon colors, men in dresses and a gut-wrenching tantrum pop that'll make you forget it's only 2014 and we haven't actually invented time travel yet. This show will be Dolly Spectra's single release show for her newest track, “Moving in Circles”.


Livia Slingerland

Livia's angsty rock has been described as "gritty and full of longing". Her songwriting is honest and vulnerable, and her live performance is nothing short of raw and energetic. Livia is currently working on a full-length album as she prepares to graduate from USC.


This is bound to be a mind-boggling, head-banging, sweaty show!


PHOTOS: DWNTWN and Hunter Hunted @ Tarfest 2014

Free live music? Count us in any day. 

Tarfest  is a free arts and culture festival at the La Brea Tar Pits at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art that took place yesterday 9/20/14. We were able to snap some pics of DWNTWN and Hunter Hunted as we enjoyed some mellow weekend vibes, free range turkey burgers and breezy sunshine. 


CONCERT: Barcelona @ The Troubadour 9/9/14

by Shabnam Ferdowsi

You know when you're at a show and you start confusing the drumbeat for your own heartbeat? That's what Barcelona's concert at the Troubadour last night was like.  Their set included a mix of old and newer tunes, and their crowd was a dedicated one who was singing along with all the lyrics and swaying their arms to the lounge-y beats. I loved how their set flowed between mellower synth/electronic tracks and drum-heavy alternative favorites. Their music is developing into a blend of both, into this synth/pop/rock genre that's blossoming in the industry right now, and their fans are following along with them. 


This was the second night of their tour with The Young Wild, whose performance easily blew everyone away. Their energy was fuller than the space and larger than the stage and even though I didn't know the songs beforehand, I found myself reactively moving my body to the very dance-able beat. 

The night's opener was local band Verre. They only have two songs on soundcloud but released their first EP last week. The crowd had just started piling in as they started playing, but their electronic, synth-pop, indie-rock vibes were enough to get people mesmerized.