INTERVIEW: Lauren Ruth Ward

words and interview by Shab Ferdowsi

Lauren Ruth Ward will easily melt your heart this Friday night at Resident. She's been making waves around LA this year, and I'm excited to have her a part of BL's next party, Making Friends is Easy. Read my little chat with her below and catch her hit the stage at 11:15 sharp on Friday!

Describe a moment while being a part of LA's music community where you thought to yourself "THIS is friendship".

The first time I didn't have to pay out my band for a show I wasn't getting paid for.

If you were able to round up a group of people for tea, who and why?

Kimi Recor because she loves tea and is the only person I've ever had tea with. I loved having tea with her and sharing ideas. She is magical. 

if you could paint a picture of  your music, what would it be?
I would paint portraits of the band. We have something really special right now. We're beaming off each other.  Something I've always wanted to be apart of.

What's your favorite kind of cupcake?



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INTERVIEW: Tillie (R.I.P. Grace Kelly)

words and interview by Shab Ferdowsi

tiLLie is Grace Kelly. The LA based (by way of Georgia) singer-songwriter turned alternative pop artist recently changed her stage name on all social media fronts earlier this month, leaving her birth name behind and moving forward with new inspirations and new songs. She's playing our show on Friday night for Maddie Ross and blushh's single release party at the Resident, so I decided to chat with her to get you to get to know her a little better.


How do you feel about becoming tiLLie? How will she be different than Grace Kelly? 
Tillie is the next evolution in my journey as an artist, so it's definitely very exciting for me. I wouldn't say it's light years away from Grace Kelly stuff but rather that it's just a natural progression into the next realm of possibility. These new songs are the first songs that I feel truly represent who I am completely unapologetically. But what I'm most pumped about is the fact that my cat's legacy will live on forever seeing as I stole it from her. ;)

If you were able to round up a group of people for tea, who and why? 
Dolly Parton because she seems like the sweetest human ever/she’s a genius songwriter, Russell Brand to pick his brilliant brain, Paul McCartney because he’s the only member left of my fav band of all time, and Hayley Williams so that I can convince her to marry me. Oh also, Fred Armisen for the jokes obvy. 

How do you make new friends? 
I spend just about 100% of my life focused on music which doesn't always leave a ton of time for making new homies outside of it. I'd say that most of my friendships have their roots in studios, rehearsal spaces or venues! 

What's your favorite kind of cupcake?
Red velvet without a doubt! Especially from Magnolia’s Bakery.


Catch tiLLie at our next show this Friday November 18 at Resident!




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IMG_0649 copy.jpg

Today I took a couple busses from West LA through the westside, past Koreatown, through Skid Row, to the other side of the LA River east of DTLA to get to Fever Charm's practice space. I was there for just over an hour, hanging out in the tiny room, earplugs in, camera at the ready. When I walked in the lights were all off, all except for a couple red light bulbs that would have made the room feel eerie, except that the band was playing their single "Love Letters" which feels anything but sombre.

The guys have been practicing every day since Ari moved back to LA  last week, practicing their new songs off their upcoming EP and getting ready for their first show in over 8 months on Monday. I'm so excited for everyone to start getting to know these guys and their music! Their shows have always been a fun time, and now that they've added some synthesizer stylings, you can imagine how dance-worthy the new tunes are.

They play the Silverlake Lounge on Monday at 8:20pm sharp!! Come hang!



PHOTOS: Statues of Cats / Kid Cadaver / WASI @ The Smell 5/22/15

photos and words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Last night WASI had their EP release show at The Smell in DTLA, presented by Odd Records, supported by Statues of Cats and Kid Cadaver, 

The Smell is a DIY, volunteer-run venue in the heart of DTLA. I'd been wanting to see the space for a while and this show was the perfect chance.

Statues of Cats opened up the show, warming up our eardrums with their loud energy and raw, no-frills performance. 

Kid Cadaver  went up next, and although I've seen them live countless of times by now, something about their performance blew me away. Maybe it's been a while since I've seen them play so I was reminded of their passionate yet humble stage presence. Individually killing their parts, vibing to their own jams, and together bringing the crowd to their level. I found myself dancing more than I normally do and shamelessly singing along to every word. Their new EP is in the works, and you better stay tuned! It's going to be groovy. 

WASI brought the crowd home, as expected since they were the stars of the show! I had met up with them beforehand for a cup of coffee (and french fries?) in Echo Park for an interview that will be up here soon, and by the end of the conversation they had me as hyped as they were. I was expecting a party and they definitely brought it. Halfway through they handed out balloons for people to blow up and pass around: talk about audience participation! That got the entire room wriggling and jumping in seconds. They ended their set with my favorite off their new EP, "And the World" and if you weren't  already dancing, chanting or at least moving your body remotely to the beat, you would've been by the time they finished.  Wonderful people with humble hearts making passionate music: WASI is sure to make waves. 

Listen to WASI's EP Bleed Pop here and check some photos I took below!

PREVIEW: ECLIPSE- pr0files / MUNA / Natural Curves / 10PRINT @ House of Gods


What: ECLIPSE- pr0files / MUNA / Natural Curves / 10PRINT @ House of Gods

Where: House of Gods, Los Angeles, CA

When: 11/21/14- 9pm

When were you last immersed in an ocean of expression? Shh my child, it's alright - come submerge your senses on 11/21 as an incredible roster of artists transforms LA's House of Gods into your very own oasis of stimulation. From explosive musical acts to hypnotic visual projections to interactive art installations, we will supply enough creative adrenaline to run your right brain around the sun.

The night kicks off with MUNA, whose ego-eclipsing ‘more perfect’ EP (2014) sent critics to the ER with its heart-blowing lyricism; then Pr0files, the duo who’ve already tickled the internet's love muscles with their bold ‘Luxury’ EP and a steady string of singles - live music is rarely so alive.

It turns out speakers are people magnets, and San Francisco's own Natural Curves has enough force to suck you and all your friends into a DJ-induced dance-trance for an entire evening; that's exactly what will happen, btw. 

Meanwhile, VJ sensation 10PRINT has the right imagery in his arsenal to turn your brain inside out. Remember: it's not the drugs - you will be okay.

Come immerse yourself and remember this night like no other!

Natural Curves

TICKETS: smarturl.it/dv821+ // Doors open at 9 PM



*Reward yourself with an amazing evening via: smarturl.it/dv8 (guest list only, 21+, pay with Paypal or credit card)
*Will keep your jeans skinny and your wallet fat
*Share 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑟 art - all attendees will have the opportunity leave pieces of themselves at House of Gods in a soulful orgy of creativity

*ECLIPSE is a DV8 Production*