#BeatDWNKidTour: West Coast Tour Diary Oct '16

words and photos by Shab Ferdowsi

A year ago I went on tour with Kid Cadaver because I asked them to. This year I went on tour with them after a few months spent collaborating, texting daily, and emailing hourly to eventually book my first West Coast tour for them and DWNTWN. It was a project I'd never taken on before, so I was more than humbled to be able to test the waters with the help of my good friends. 

On October 21st we packed the van with 2 bands' worth of gear, 8 people's worth of  pillows and bags, 6 dudes, 2 girls and a big box of Red Vines. It was tight, but it was cozy, and I was as prepared as I was going to be with my Google Doc files in one hand and my notebook in the other for my first little venture as a Tour Manager. TM'ing is a beast in itself, but since I booked all the shows too, I was promoting every show as well. I became the point person between all the bands in every city and the venues we were driving towards, the band mom for our people in the van, and the photographer trying to capture it all. I felt like I was running in circles most of the time, but WOW MAN LISTEN: that was the most fulfilling and thrilling week I've ever had. 

We met so many great  and kind people,  connected with so many cool bands, hugged so many trees, drank so much good coffee, and I loved getting to know Kid Cadaver and DWNTWN even more in the most unintentional of ways while being stuck in the van with them for a week. I laughed so much I cried every day, honestly. 

Needless to say, I have a list in my iPhone's notes called "Things I'm Learning On The Road" that's more than a few lines long and I can't wait to put it to more use. 

Here are some of my favorite photos I took this week:


::San Luis Obispo: SLO Do Co w/ Box the Oxford and Shoot the Mariner::

::Weekend Off:  middle of nowhere + PDX, Oregon::

:: Seattle: The Crocodile with CRITTÉ::

::Vancouver, BC: it was a blur::

::Portland: Analog Lounge w/ Bermuda Love Triangle and Adventure Galley::

::Off day: 16 hour drive from PDX to LA::

::San Diego:: Lestat's West w/ JARA::


PHOTOS: DWNTWN and Hunter Hunted @ Tarfest 2014

Free live music? Count us in any day. 

Tarfest  is a free arts and culture festival at the La Brea Tar Pits at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art that took place yesterday 9/20/14. We were able to snap some pics of DWNTWN and Hunter Hunted as we enjoyed some mellow weekend vibes, free range turkey burgers and breezy sunshine.