LOMBARD is a new artist based in London whose music I stumbled on on Soundcloud. He only has this one song out right now, but it's enough to get me swooning. The track has hints of blues, heavy on the bass, and hits so many strong emotions. Not the mention the soulful vocals pull you in, begging you to feel. 

Can't wait for more from this guy!


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LISTEN: The Mispers- Weekend

Words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Who: The Mispers

Where: London, UK

The Mispers are currently on tour in the US right now, playing School Night tomorrow 6/15/15 and Hotel Cafe 5/16/15. Their newest track "Weekend" has got me so ready to see them live! I love the scratchy vocals, the pop-infused anthemic rock that's simultaneously a dance party and an underground rock show. 


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DISCOVER: Josh Record- Bones

Heard this wonderful track on Grey’s Anatomy’s latest episode on 2/27/14 and instantly fell in love with Josh Record

WATCH: Dog is Dead- Teenage Daughter // Mahogany Sessions

The Mahogany Sessions are a London-based team who bring beautiful videos with amazing new music to our ears and eyes. You HAVE to check them out!!

Dog is Dead is a young, UK- based indie rock band who I’ve fallen in love with and want to share with you! They’re not on Spotify OR ITunes, but check them out here!