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LISTEN: WASI- Mama's Gonna Get You

WASI is BL's resident band this month and today they released their newest single, "Mama's Gonna Get You"! Produced by New Beat Fund's Shelby Archer, Paul Laliberte & Jeff Laliberte, the track is bubbly and sun soaked, pure fun staying true to WASI's riot pop sound, bringing the groovy good vibes that New Beat Fund creates. Summer is still two and a half months away but this song has me ready for the beach, and I don't even like the beach!

WASI will be recording a few more tracks with NBF this month, so keep your eyes peeled as we make our way through this residency!


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PREVIEW: Disco Shrine 'Soft Fur' EP Release

Disco Shrine is an LA-based electro pop duo who is releasing their debut EP 'Soft Fur' tomorrow via The Burning Ear! To celebrate, Beating Lights is helping them throw a party at The Hi Hat with live music, cupcakes, face painting and good vibes all around. 

Take a read through our interview with them and jam to their latest single "Drive" to get a feel for what the dance party on Friday night is going to be like:

photo by Olivia Lim

photo by Olivia Lim

This is your first EP as Disco Shrine. That's so exciting! How long have you been working towards this release? 
Jes: We first started talking about releasing an EP in the summer of last year. When Tommy and I began collaborating, we were writing so many songs so fast and it surprised both of us how much material we had after a matter of a few weeks. We were both just really excited about the music and it seemed to come so natural to us. After the summer, we started working more on our live performance and playing more shows, and I think that allowed us to take a step back and look at those songs from an editing standpoint. So that's what we've been focusing on since the beginning of January. We're both just really eager to get this EP out and give people a taste of what's to come. 

Tell us a little bit about how you two collaborated to create this project?
Tommy: It all started with a voice memo. Jes and I knew of each other through our hometown music scene, but actually started talking after a show in Los Angeles. Both of us were making pretty melancholy music at the time, so we talked about the possibility of collaborating and making dance tunes together. I sent her a track I was working on. She sent me a voice memo that same morning with her idea for the track, and that song actually became 'Shy', our first single. 

Jes: As far as Disco Shrine goes, the name was sort of this mix of words that came to us that ended up perfectly describing our music. Tommy was telling me about how he wanted to make this art installation with a bunch of broken pieces of mirror like on a disco ball. And I said , "Sort of like a disco shrine?". And we looked at each other and thought it was perfect after coming up with the stupidest names for weeks. But it's more perfect now because our music is super upbeat and funky at times but also really passionate and moody so those two words just seem right I guess.

Why did you decide on Soft Fur as the title track?
Tommy: Soft Fur is the name of a synth we use for one of the tracks on our EP. It's a vague name that's kind of sexy and open to interpretation, and since we both really liked the name, we thought it would be a good name for our EP. 

What do "good vibes" mean to you? :
Jes and Tommy: Writing music that's a two way street. We don't like being a part of music that has no intention of being enjoyable to other people. A portion of our enjoyment from song writing comes from the audience digging what we've written. Giving and receiving good vibes is a big part of what we like about music.

Make sure to catch Disco Shrine at their EP release show that Beating Lights is presenting on February 19 at The Hi Hat! More info here.


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PLAYLIST: January 2016

words  and playlist by Shabnam Ferdowsi

January was a whirlwind. On the first of the month, I landed back in Los Angeles after spending 3 months abroad, immediately released the new website, and started promoting the relaunch party. So I dived head first, sprinting and cartwheeling back into the grind of real life, going to shows multiple times a week,  working my day job at a daycare, booking photoshoots and remembering how to have a social life again. 

I've been listening to a lot of new music.  My taste has been evolving really hard and really fast in the past 6 months, and it started fueling whole new feelings while I was away. The fidelity is lower, it's noisier, fuzzier, less polished,  and runs on the same rhythm as my adrenaline is these days. 

Take a listen and feel what I was feeling last month:

WATCH: Fever Charm- Buenos Aires (Music Video)

words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

The Fever Charm boys came back on the radar with their newest jam "Buenos Aires" this summer and are continuing the party with their music video for the single. Shot in their apartment while still in college in Boston, the video shows off the band's goofy personality, candidly and casually, to a point where you feel like you've known these for years. What was once my favorite Oakland-based band has officially made the move down to LA and I'm so excited to see what more shenanigans they brew up!

Check out the video below, directed by Shay Williams.:


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LISTEN: Royaljag- Jungle

words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Royaljag's latest and only track currently out on the webs, "Jungle", is an indie-rock tune that gets you shamelessly jamming in the driver's seat while tuning in to some blues-y grooves on the 405. You'll definitely feel like you're running in the havoc of the jungle, in the middle of the city full of drive and ambition, through the traffic and past the the lights. 

While you anxiously wait for the band's next groove, listen on repeat below:


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NEW FIND: Prinze George- Upswing

words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

I recently got into listening to my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify and I'm a little mind blown. Every Monday, Spotify updates a whole playlist of music curated towards your taste, based on information it gathers from music you listen to on the application. In just a couple days I've discovered so much new much new music I'm in pure bliss.

Prinze George is a trio based in Brooklyn, NY. This track, "Upswing", is my new feel good song that I'll blast in my bedroom and sing my heart out when I'm feeling down. Listen on, it'll be your new jam:


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NEW MUSIC: Kid Cadaver- Keep Well

words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Kid Cadaver is that band I've been obsessing over since I first heard of them in January, and now I'm swooning all over again with the release of their newest track, "Keep Well." It stays true to their synth-infused rock that can get you simultaneously dancing your heart out under a disco ball while rocking out in a tiny, heated garage. The trio has been making music for a while, and if they've slipped your radar, it's time you jump on board before you miss out on all the fun they're having.  

Their new EP Roam is out on August 21st, and the play a release show in LA at The Satellite on the 25th! Come dance with us. 


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words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

I don't often (if ever) post up much electronic music on here. But new kid on the block SNKNGL just posted a new track that's been tickling my fancy lately. It's eerie in a fleeting flutter, but not too hard on the beats. This is definitely not for a night out on the dancefloor, but rather something for a cool rooftop hang with new friends, casual but exciting, dark but glimmering. 


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NEW MUSIC: Barkley- Faster

words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

I'm obsessed with Barkley! She's a new pop singer songwriter in town who just released her debut single, "Faster". Produced by the very talented Matias Mora, the track highlights Barkley's sultry vocals and visually rich songwriting. You feel the rush and the adrenaline powering through, building up throughout the track. The music video is hot, illustrating fiery tones of young love and reckless innocence with simple yet powerful imagery. I can't wait for more music from this girl!


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NEW MUSIC: Autumn in June- HEROin KIDZ

words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Electro-pop artist  Autumn in June released his newest single last week, "HEROin KIDZ". Like his pervious tunes, the bass-heavy synth beats will have you grooving your shoulders, then your hips, until your entire body starts making its way to the dance floor.  Take a closer look though, and the lyrics illustrate much more serious tones of pain, feelings of loneliness, of coping.

  "You can drown in misery / But you should know/ I'm only me/ I'm only dealing with the pain"


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NEW MUSIC:: Two Cheers- Splendor LP

words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Two Cheers could not have chosen a better name for their sound. Their new record, Splendor just came out today and I can't stop smiling listening to it. Splendor was recorded and produced entirely in vocalist/founder Bryan Akcasu’s apartment during the fall and winter of 2014. It makes makes me feel like it's going to stay summer for forever, the sun will never set and nothing can bring this feeling of splendor down. My favorite track is "Brinka", whose lingering taste of nostalgia still brings in good vibes and hope at the chorus.  

All I need to do now is throw a pool party, invite all my friends, and play this record loud until sunrise. 

Listen to the LP below, and make sure to buy it if you dig it!

Buy the record on iTunes!


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NEW MUSIC: Padorr- One Last Love Song (So He Says)

Padorr is an indie soul artist from Chicago who just released his newest track, "One Last Love Song (So He Says)." The tune is consistent with his hip-hop meets indie-alternative sound, that feels like a moody underground jazz club: smoky lyrics,  warm guitar riffs flashing in and out, and so many emotions made into harmonies. 

Take a listen and feel the groove below:



NEW MUSIC: Motion Cntrl- It's On You

Motion Cntrl is a new LA/NYC-based electro duo who just put out their newest single, "It's On You" , last week. The track has those dark, fluttery feels that are perfect for night drives through the city: lights flashing, blurred scenes rushing past. If you like The XX, you wil deifnitely love these vibes. 



INTERVIEW: Elijah and The Grapes

NYC-based electro pop artist Elijah & the Grapes have released a new single entitled “Now or Never". The track is the follow-up release to “Sleep in Trees,” which debuted in early 2015. 
The project began when talented vocalist & songwriter Elijah Greene migrated from LA to New York in 2013, and quickly connected with KBV Records founder Tony Verderosa after performing a handful of solo shows around the city.

Take a listen to the new tune and read our interview below!

Why the move from LA to NYC?
LA is great but I wanted real seasons--some change.  Also, the whole LA traffic thing was starting to take it's toll on me.  Besides that, I like the pace in NYC.  At any time, there's always something to do and someone to do it with.  NYC also has no tolerance for laziness and I like to stay busy.

Do you think the scene change has had an effect on your sound?
I'm not sure if the scene has impacted the sound.  Williamsburg reminds me culturally and artistically of Silverlake.  Bushwick is a bit like Echo Park.  LA and NYC are still the two big American cities for entertainment and music so there are a lot of similarities in regards to 'scenes.'  I do think the people I've met in NYC have had an effect on the sound.  I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing without the people I've met here.  Also, I think timing had a lot to do with the sound. 

How has been collaborating with KBV Records?
It's been great and liberating in a sense.  It's nice to have a label that is on the same page with you.  When I started working on the songs, I didn't really know what to expect or where it would go.  It's been great to grow together and I hope that we can even go further.

How you do you hope your music makes listeners feel?
I guess that's up to the listener, but I'd like this to feel like an escape for people.  I want people to dance and have fun, even if it's at their desk at work;)


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NEW MUSIC: Casey Brothers- When People Don't Rock Out

Casey Brothers, currently the drummer of Wildling (formerly of Cayucas) just released his newest tune. "When People Don't Rock Out" feels like an island jam, sipping piña coladas under  a lazy sun, grilling fresh caught fish and building sand castles under we're sun burnt. It's the perfect escape for today's oddly overcast weather here in LA!

Casey grew up in Minnesota. He moved to Los Angeles in 2011 for a short-term job with the Sierra Club, and stayed for the weather and the music. He started playing drums with Cayucas in 2012 and saw the band from its first shows to the end of its first album cycle. He joined Wildling in October 2014. Wildling is recording its debut EP this summer in prep for a fall release, when they'll also be touring as direct support for Young the Giant.

While playing drums with different projects, Casey has always maintained a prolific pace when it comes to songwriting. His upbringing in rural western Minnesota led to themes of solitude, separation, and introspection in his music. Since moving to California, the themes have remained while the sound has incorporated elements of surf and beach.

He currently lives on the ocean with his girlfriend Ally in Santa Monica. Besides making music and playing with Wildling, he travels often and writes essays that he shares on


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MUSINGS: In Search For the Favorites

words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

What's your favorite band? What kind of music do you listen to?

As someone who runs a music blog, who's constantly going to shows, who's deeply  passionate about all things music, I get asked those questions a lot. Until now, I've been very broad in my answers: "Some folk rock, some synth pop, a lot of bands I guess",  "a lot of stuff" or, the worst, "indie music." 

Recently a friend pointed this out to me. Why don't I have an answer? Sure, music is still a relatively new passion, and sure I didn't grow up with it affecting me the way it does now. But that's the thing: it does now.  I listen to so much music, I care so much about it, that I should have favorites, right?

Do you get attached to any of these bands? my friend asked. Somehow, that question hit the nail on  the head. I've been so focused on constantly finding new music I forgot to get attached. 

So now I'm on a quest to find my favorites. How do I know they're my favorites? That requires a whole different blog post and research project. I'll leave that for later. For now, I'm going to begin by compiling music  that has deeply made its mark on me, whether it's old goodies like The Lumineers, or new loves like The Drums. What kind of mark? Again, one question at a time!

So far the process has made me realize how much music I'm intaking, a lot that goes in one ear and out the other, a lot that has its own time and place but isn't necessarily a listening tune but just a fun beat, a lot that ends up being devoid of much connection, and therefore attachment. 

This will be an ongoing project, in the hopes that I'll understand music, my taste and myself a little better. And so I can tell people what my favorite bands are, like a normal music blogger, you know?

Follow along by following my Spotify playlist!


LOMBARD is a new artist based in London whose music I stumbled on on Soundcloud. He only has this one song out right now, but it's enough to get me swooning. The track has hints of blues, heavy on the bass, and hits so many strong emotions. Not the mention the soulful vocals pull you in, begging you to feel. 

Can't wait for more from this guy!


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NEW MUSIC: FutureFeel- Orion

words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

FutureFeel is an LA-based duo that's been creating electro-infused indie-rock. Today they released their third single "Orion". The track is consistent with their uplifting vibes that sounds like OneRepublic with a 2015, synthetic twist. The chorus lines beg you to sing along, windows down, chasing dreams: "With you I'm a fire / I'm lighting up the sky/ Burning like the stars of Orion"

Their music is fun, light and bound to put a smile on your face. Take a listen to the single below and stay tuned for more form these dudes!


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NEW MUSIC: The Palms debut EP

words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

 Johnny Zambetti and Ben Rothbard of Terraplane Sun recently started a new project called The Palms and have released their debut EP. The duo began exploring ideas and sounds influenced by hip-hop and and pop, and have come out with these 5 songs.  I love the simplicity of their sound that's still filled with attitude and  charisma. You can flutter and sway to the piano and acoustic guitar riffs, while still feeling the vibes of a night out on the town.

I'll be catching them live at The Satellite on 6/29! It's a midnight set, but they'll be the worth the late night out.


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NEW MUSIC: Parade of Lights- Feeling Electric LP

Words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Parade of Lights was one of the first bands I interviewed when I started this blog, back in the summer of 2013. It's been really cool to see these guys grow since then. From signing to Astralwerks in 2013, to recording in Nashville in 2014, I've been following their journey through and through. Now they've just released their first official LP and I'm still in love with their sound, if not even more now!

Each track is an electro-pop anthem that pulls you up on to the middle of the dance floor, stomping your feet,  singing to the top of your lungs, feeling hopeful, feeling alive, feeling electric. 

We asked the band some questions about the record, so read on and listen to the title track, "Feeling Electric" below!

(Answers by Ryan Daly)

Beating Lights first interviewed you during the summer of 2013. Tell us about some of your highlights and favorite moments of the past 2 years. 
It's been a busy couple of years. We've had the opportunity to do things we never thought we would, and met lots of great people along the way. I think the highlights of these past two years, at least for me personally, were playing festivals (Firefly, Bonnaroo, etc.), and living in Nashville while we wrote and recorded our debut LP.

What's inspired your sound and how do you stay inspired?
We are into many different forms of art such as photography, design, film, etc., and I think the marriage of all of those different mediums helps inform what we do. I feel the best way to sum it up, at the risk of sounding cliche, is "larger than life". As far as staying inspired, we're always looking for new music and new art, as hearing something fresh is always a great way to jump start creativity.
What are you most excited about releasing this album? 

We've been a band for a long time and have never released a full-length. It's been a long time coming and if it resonates with people and can help someone in one way or another, it makes all the time and hard work we put into it worth it.

How do you hope this album leaves listeners feeling?

Hopeful. Even though there are somber moments on the record, there is a common thread of positivity and an encouraging narrative that we hope helps people find or reinforce what they love about themselves, then channel it to live life to the fullest. That being said, if it's as simple as wanting to dance, that's cool too.

Buy the Feeling Electric album on iTunes!


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