PLAYLIST: May 2016

words and playlist by Shab Ferdowsi

Hey it's been a minute, hasn't it?

I've been quiet on the blog front this month because BL hasn't had any events, but it's been a swell month to say the least. I left my day job, spent a weekend in San Francisco, continued planning summer happenings and finally, finally, finally signed a lease for an apartment in Echo Park! I drank a lot of coffee, sent more emails than ever, and became the person who texted you back instantly because I was so tuned in to the adrenaline I couldn't take a break. I loved every single second of it. The future is looking beautiful, and I can't wait to see what I can do with you all.

Here are the tunes that kept me going this May:

PLAYLIST: April 2016

playlist and words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

April was a whirlwhind.  Beating Lights had a backyard show, a house party and a show at the Hi Hat, along with a band residency to see to, and summer events to plan. I went to many, many shows, attended Broke LA for the first time, went on a handful of needed coffee dates with fellow creative minds in and around the music scene, and of course took tons of photos along the way. I feel like every day in April I had a new idea pop into my head, making me that much more excited about everything that is here right now, and all that is about to happen. 

Here's the music that made April what it was:

PLAYLIST: February 2016

words and playlist by Shabnam Ferdowsi

February was cool. February was nuts. February was a little weird. As the first month after the relaunch, February was hit was so much that every few minutes I'd wonder if I was in over my head. Well I'm not, and I'm having way too much fun to doubt any of this. I had 2 successful events, BL had its first band residency with Bedbugs, my knees started giving out on me, I started physical therapy for them, I got the flu, I found a ride to SXSW and I spent some quality time with my friends here and there. There were a lot of emails as we relaunched, and the ebb and flow of event production and promotion took a really fast sprint forward. It's been so cool feeling the growth and support in just one month, and often I have to pinch myself to make sure this is real life.

Anyway, I listened to some good stuff last month if I may say so myself. Listen to my playlist and  feel what I was feeling:

PLAYLIST: January 2016

words  and playlist by Shabnam Ferdowsi

January was a whirlwind. On the first of the month, I landed back in Los Angeles after spending 3 months abroad, immediately released the new website, and started promoting the relaunch party. So I dived head first, sprinting and cartwheeling back into the grind of real life, going to shows multiple times a week,  working my day job at a daycare, booking photoshoots and remembering how to have a social life again. 

I've been listening to a lot of new music.  My taste has been evolving really hard and really fast in the past 6 months, and it started fueling whole new feelings while I was away. The fidelity is lower, it's noisier, fuzzier, less polished,  and runs on the same rhythm as my adrenaline is these days. 

Take a listen and feel what I was feeling last month:

#NowPlaying in Andrew Pearson's ears

Andrew Pearson is an artist based in Scotland, UK. We met Andy in December during our trip across the pond. He runs a DIY record label/artist collective called Common Records. In honor of International Women's Day today, Andrew is putting on a show tonight in St Andrews, UK where he's finishing up university.

To get in the spirit, here's some music he's been listening to this week:.

Kate Bush - Hounds of Love

Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere

Aneka - Japanese Boy

Cher - Believe

Chrissy Barnacle - Nightride

Lidh - Quite At Ease

Fiona Soe Paing - Tower of Babel

Bit Face - Hyper Novelty

Warpaint - Love is to Die

You Are Plural - Cut Along the Line

Andrew Pearson

Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp

Common Records

Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp

#NowPlaying in Drew Tabor's ears

Drew Tabor is a musician based in Los Angeles. Here's what she's been listening to this week:

1. Seeing Stars- Borns

2. Drop The Game- Chet Faker (Flume remix)

3. Menswear- The 1975

4. Know Yourself- Drake

5. Childs Play- SZA ft. Chance The Rapper

6. Help Me Lose My Mind- Disclosure

7. Eyes Wide- Meadowlark

8. Open Season- Josef Salvat

9. I'm Torn Up- St. Paul & The Broken Bones

10. All Of Me- Ella Fitzgerald 

#NowPlaying in FEiN's ears

Introducing a new playlist series, coming to you every Sunday. Each playlist will be curated by an artist, band, or some other entity /group/ person who's opinions we value, and will consist of 10 songs they've been listening to the past week.

First up: FEiN , aka Luke Walton and Brandon Woodward, an LA-based electro-pop-rock duo.

Here are 10 songs  they've been listening to this past week:

1. Distant Past - Everything Everything

2. The Love You're Given - Jack Garratt

3. Get Out The Way - Mother Mother

4. Ghosting - Mother Mother

5. Christmas In L.A. - Vulfpeck

6. Slum Love - Kimbra

7. The Antidote - St. Vincent

8. Disposable Parts - Enon

9. No Control - One Direction

10. My Type - Saint Motel