It’s been quite a ride. The past seven months since the beginning of Beating Lights, I’ve been able to discover so much more music, see (and shoot) so many more concerts, and meet so many more musicians. 

As 2013 ends in a couple days, I am more than excited to begin the new year. I am so thankful for anyone who reads this blog, so grateful for anyone who’s supported me thus far, and of course, so happy to have met the people I have because of Beating Lights. I have big, BIG plans for the future.

So enjoy these last couple days of 2013, happy new year, and get ready for 2014. :)

Much love,


Album Release: In Rolling Waves- The Naked and Famous


The long awaited album has been released and TNAF has not failed. Their indie/electro/pop/rock sounds still prevail.  There’s nostalgia, synth, and sweet vocals. I still miss my dose of Young Blood and Punching in a Dream (Passive /me, Aggressive You 2011), but I have been waiting so long for this album it just feels good to hear these guys again. “Indie Synth Rock” is my jam, and I don’t even know if that’s a genre,

Some of my favorites:  Wellz, The Mess, Grow Old, What We Want, A Small Reunion.

I’m seeing them here in LA at The Wiltern on September 27th, and I know ‘ll be listening to the whole album on repeat.

Take a listen to the whole album, buy it on iTunes, and let us know what you think!

The Naked and Famous



{to the beat of the lights, to the beat of your life}