DISCOVER: Friends With Cameras- Wake Me

Friends With Cameras is an LA-based group. ‘Wake Me’ is their first track released on Tuesday, April 8, 2014.

I hope you like what you hear because you can most likely anticipate more awesome music from then soon! I’d recommend following them on Soundcloud,

Album Release: Miles- Canopy Climbers

A couple days I discovered this website called

Brite Revolution

that features new, unsigned artist and comes out with a free sampler every week. There I stumbled onto Canopy Climber’s


, and I was instantly hooked!

As luck would have it, their new album, “Miles”,was released today and now I have eleven great new songs to keep my ears happy this summer.

My favorite track still has to be “Stuck”, with the right balance between a casual pool party and a ride down the Pacific Coast Highway in your convertible (or at least that’s how it makes



"Souvenir" is my next favorite. It has a tone of nostalgia that makes me miss..something. I just don’t know what I’m missing! There are a handful of songs that have made feel this way, and when they do, that’s when I can easily say what a strong and powerful song they are.

Check out Canopy Climbers on 


, and if you like what you hear, 


 their album on iTunes now!