tapioca and the flea

LISTEN: Tapioca and the Flea-Take It Slow

by Shabnam Ferdowsi

This LA-based band has been on my radar since they opened for a Red Bull Sound select show last summer, and I'm finally going to see them  again this weekend! They're playing at Tarfest, the free music festival at the LA Brea TarPits along with a  few other local indie bands. 

"Take it Slow" is the only track currently on Spotify (my main source for listening to music) but I know their music setlist is filled with more good stuff like this one. It's dance-y, it's synth-pop, with a dash of indie rock and if I'm not already sweating from the 90 degree weather at Tarfest, I'll make sure I'll be moving to the beat, because how can you not?