LISTEN: The Mispers- Weekend

Words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Who: The Mispers

Where: London, UK

The Mispers are currently on tour in the US right now, playing School Night tomorrow 6/15/15 and Hotel Cafe 5/16/15. Their newest track "Weekend" has got me so ready to see them live! I love the scratchy vocals, the pop-infused anthemic rock that's simultaneously a dance party and an underground rock show. 


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#NowPlaying in Andrew Pearson's ears

Andrew Pearson is an artist based in Scotland, UK. We met Andy in December during our trip across the pond. He runs a DIY record label/artist collective called Common Records. In honor of International Women's Day today, Andrew is putting on a show tonight in St Andrews, UK where he's finishing up university.

To get in the spirit, here's some music he's been listening to this week:.

Kate Bush - Hounds of Love

Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere

Aneka - Japanese Boy

Cher - Believe

Chrissy Barnacle - Nightride

Lidh - Quite At Ease

Fiona Soe Paing - Tower of Babel

Bit Face - Hyper Novelty

Warpaint - Love is to Die

You Are Plural - Cut Along the Line

Andrew Pearson

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Common Records

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WATCH: Dog is Dead- Teenage Daughter // Mahogany Sessions

The Mahogany Sessions are a London-based team who bring beautiful videos with amazing new music to our ears and eyes. You HAVE to check them out!!

Dog is Dead is a young, UK- based indie rock band who I’ve fallen in love with and want to share with you! They’re not on Spotify OR ITunes, but check them out here!