WATCH: The Young Wild- Not A One

LA-based band The Young Wild just released their music video for their most recent track, "Not A One." The video is a performance piece where each band member was filmed separately, then each shot was spliced into the bigger picture,creating one very cool single shot. The track has got me grooving and I can't wait for more music from these guys!


The Young Wild is the creation of singer and songwriter Bryan B. William. From writing songs on the piano William created the modern rock sound that he had always envisioned for the band that he wanted to create. After forming in late 2014, The band released their debut EP "For Now Not Forever" and had success with their single "Moment Goes." The band then hit the road with Barcelona and Switchfoot and wrapped up 2014 in the studio writing new material. The Young Wild plan to release a new EP in 2015 and will go on tour across the US.

SESSION: Andrew Pearson- I've Been Unkind To You

Andrew Pearson is an artist currently based in Fife, Scotland.

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WATCH: GameBrand- Junkie (Official Music Video)

words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

  I don't usually listen to Hip-Hop, and  I definitely never write about it. But I'm going to make an exception for GameBrand because I've had their newest release on repeat all morning. 

GrameBrand is hip-hop duo Brandon Canada and Derek Gramlam, currently based out of LA, and they just released their newest single, "Junkie". In a smart move they released the official music video for the track at the same time. 

The song itself has got me grooving, but I'm especially liking the video. 

I loved the movement  throughout both in terms of cinematography as well as visually through color and lighting. The party scenes complemented the day shots at the beach, rather than overpowering them, and the overall vibe reminded me of the last  days of college before the start of an endless summer. 

Not to mention, those underwater scenes were too cool. 

Check out the video, download "Junkie" here and share away!



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WATCH: Brightener- Make Real Friends (Official Music Video)

by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Remember what it was like to make blanket forts with your friends when you were young? Now imagine what it would be like if you made one now in the middle of a party?  Brightener's official music video for "Make Real Friends", released today, has all the feels (and humor) your imagination needs to figure that one out. 

Will Sturgeon's honest lyrics capture a certain nostalgia for something lost, but it's a feeling that's definitely not lost on my generation these days. The bridge goes, "so I just sit alone / scrolling through my phone / wonder who my real friends are"  and hits the universal, inner debates every college kids goes through at some point or another (i.e. do I have real friends??).

The music video is the solution to the problems set up in the song. It's funny yet meaningful, fiction yet crushingly true. You will be sure to be left with a smile, a dash of hope, and a sparkle of motivation to go out and have your own blanket fort party.


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WATCH: The Moderates- Strange Town [Official]

Alt/Rock band from Long Beach, CA, The Moderates, just released their official video  for their track “Strange Town”. The video is super fun, aesthetically beautiful and captures the spirit of the band  and their California tour quite perfectly. 

Check out their newest album ‘Color’ on iTunes now!

WATCH: Meghan and Lucas- Player 2

Happy Single’s Awareness Day! I’ve become pretty obsessed with this song in the past 20 minutes. It’s cute and happy, and makes all of us single ones feel a little more optimistic!

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WATCH: We're The Kids- Parade of Lights (Official Music Video)

I fell in love with Parade of Lights before I interviewed them in July, and ever since they’ve been rising like no other. Recently signed to Astralwerks in September, these guys just came out with official music video for W’re The Kids, which is easily one of my favorite songs still today. 

Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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An Interview w/ The Lonely Wild.


"Rarely does a young band emerge with a combination of skills, talents and vision fully developed. But the LA-based quintet The Lonely Wild is that true gem who’s writing and arranging talents are only surpassed by its members’ ability to work seamlessly as a singular, dynamic voice.

Picking up solid momentum from their critically acclaimed debut EP, Dead End, The Lonely Wild quickly made a name for themselves in and around greater LA with fans such as Nic Harcourt (KCSN), Chris Douridas (KCRW) and Kevin Bronson (BuzzBands LA) on board. and opening for John Doe, Damien Rice, Phosphorescent, The Elected, Laura Marling and Lord Huron in addition to their highly successful residency at Silverlake’s famed Satellite.

The Lonely Wild’s The Sun As It Comes is a record that reflects upon the times in which we live while taking the listener on a sonic journey of impressive heights.”


Someone said we have a Laurel Canyon vibe with the intensity of a big city. I think that fits. 

I’m inspired by people and their stories. Most songs I write are about people I know, or experiences I’ve had, but I’m also inspired by what I read in the news, social injustice, and how we as a society react to these things. The origins of our songs are usually very simple, often just starting with voice and guitar. Sometimes the melody comes first, sometimes the words, and sometimes the chords come first and the melody is constructed afterward. Some songs come all at once, and I have to stop what I’m doing and just try to keep up with myself to get it all out before it’s lost. Other songs are labored over and take months to complete. There’s no one perfect formula. But in order to make them Lonely Wild songs, I pull bits and pieces, from a large pallet for the arrangements. I take from rock music, folk, impressionism, minimalism, choral music, old film scores—whatever will best serve the mood of the song, in the most unique way I can imagine. I demo the tune, and bring it to the group where it continues to morph and coalesce as we work out the parts. 

Right now, I’d really like to collaborate with John McEntire. Tortoise is one of my favorite bands, and he’s produced a slew of fantastic records. I love his ability to take what could be a very simple or boring arrangement and freak it out, and take it to new, uncharted sonic territory. I also love the way drums sound on his records. I would love to get in a studio with him and hear what comes out.

We’re currently working on our next record. We’ve got lots of new material and more coming every day. In the next few months, you can expect another video to roll out from 

The Sun As It Comes

 album, and a lot more touring in 2014. 

-Andrew Carroll (Lonely Wild’s lead vocals)

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LA  peeps, check them out Friday, Nov 8th at The Echoplex! 

Spotlight: Cardiknox

Where: NY, NY

This indie/electro/rock genre is catching on fast, and Cardiknox  is the right path. They’re under the same management as [my favorite band ever] Hunter Hunted, and I’m really digging them right now!

LA peeps: Check them out at School Night on 9/16!! Tix here

WATCH: Rare Candy- Angel On My Shoulder (cover)

Check out Rare Candy’s most recent music video cover for Kaskade’s “Angel On My Shoulder”! It’s simple, yet visually appealing and en pointe.

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